Maya Sakai

Maya Sakai is currently studying Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art.
Her theme is about construct and deconstruct the vision what she views in her
life. She is interested in what is changing everyday in cities and also from
nature. Mostly she expressed my painting from doing collages. These collages are from
objects she found in her daily life, paintings, sketches and photographs. These
process assist to considering the structure on paintings to recreate the


2008-2009 Japanese College of Foreign Languages, Study
Overseas Art & Design College Program, Tokyo, Japan
2009-2010 Chelsea College of Art & Design, BA Hons Fine Art 1st
year, London, United Kingdom
2010~ Edinburgh College of Art, BA Hons Drawing and Painting,
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


Feb, 2010 Fine Art 1st year exhibition, Chelsea College of Art &
Design, London, U.K
Feb, 2011 2nd year Painting Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art,
Edinburgh, U.K
Nov 2011 TEKKEN, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, U.K


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